alternate ending

Last night I had a dream that Harry Potter destroyed the Sorcerer's Stone because...

Voldemort was giving his evil villain speech, and he made some kind of lame joke about how he would tell Harry his heart was breaking in sorrow over his impending death, but he was told his heart was more like a black hole.

And then Harry threw the Sorcerer's Stone into Voldemort's mouth.

And then it was destroyed.

I'm thinking it was a combination of watching most of You, Me, and Dupree while in UCLA and remembering the scene from Roman Holiday:

And remembering Laughing Sal:

(who is really very scary) combined with that fat lady at Chuck E. Cheese (?) into whose mouth you throw plastic balls (like the kind from the ball pit) to satiate her, and astronomy, and reading about Harry Potter before going to sleep.
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