*New* Estee Lauder Latest Skincare In Store ~ Hydrationist & Re Nutriv

100% brand new & authentic by Estee Lauder. Great as trial purposes before you commit to full size items.

Now, feel the instant rush of moisture...and help resist the appearance of signs of ageing. It’s a fact: moisture is one of skin’s key defenses against signs of ageing that appear too soon. That’s why everything about Hydrationist works to help keep your skin looking younger. In clinical testing, every single women experienced a dramatic moisture boost instantly. Our exclusive Sustainable Moisture Complex™ strengthens skin’s moisture barrier—for younger and healthier looking skin.
* After just 1 application, skin remains moisturised even up to 24 hours later.
* Our exclusive Bio-Mimetic Water is “structured,” so it is easily absorbed deep within skin’s surface. You can feel the replenishing benefits immediately.
* Encourages skin’s natural “moisture barrier building” abilities so it holds on to more moisture—and fights the appearance of signs of premature ageing more effectively.
* Hydrationist leaves skin looking more youthful and healthy. Soft, silky smooth and super hydrated.
* Immediately you’ll see a surprising look of freshness and vitality. With its moisture in perfect balance, your skin is naturally ready to fight signs of premature ageing.
Apply AM and PM after your Lotion.

Estee Lauder Hydrationist Moisture Barrier Fortifier Serum 7ml
Retail Price for 50ml : RM334
Normal Price for 7ml : RM47.00
Our Offer Price : RM36.00
6x Ready Stock

Now experience our most dramatic age-correcting results ever. The look is strikingly younger and more lifted. Enviably radiant. Astonishingly beautiful and full of life.

It's a singular achievement in visible age correction: an ultra-luxurious, ultra-powerful serum with our ultimate repair technologies to help lift, firm, and perfect your skin's appearance like never before. This Repair Serum delivers up to 5 times the levels of the potent lifting, tightening and repair ingredients found in the cremes. Immediately feel more lifted-tighter and more toned.

With continued use, it helps redefine skin's contours for a significantly more lifted look.

Estee Lauder Re‑Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Serum 5ml
Retail Price for 30ml : RM773.00
Normal Price for 5ml : RM128.00
Our Offer Price : RM60.00 (steal!)
3x Ready Stock

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