Bad beauty treatment - would you complain?

I got a leaflet through my door recently about a promotion in my local beauty salon… It’s a fairly small place but offers a good variety of treatments from manicures, spray tans, eyebrow tinting and waxing. I used to go for a facial now n then because the girl who did them was fantastic; she really knew her stuff and felt my pain when I was so spotty I didn’t wanna leave the house! (Long story short; she’s left now and there was a new girl waiting to greet me when I arrived)

When I saw that they had a 50% summer sale on manicures and pedicures I decided it would definitely be worth trying, not least of all cos I’d love to have a local salon do all my treatments instead of having to get a bus into the city centre

I have a bit of a phobia when it comes to people touching my feet so this was my first ever pedicure and I pretty much gritted my teeth and got through it without looking at what the manicurist was doing. We chatted about her kids, her job, her holiday plans, how she’d decorated her house etc etc so 45 minutes later I knew pretty much everything that was going on in her life till that point…
Then she started on my finger nails and I settled back to enjoy it because I normally find it really relaxing. She didn’t seem entirely confident in what she was doing but I wasn’t too concerned… Until she got a nail file and actually started to file the surface of my nails!!! Now we’re talking about a proper, sandpaper-like nail file that could absolutely not be mistaken for a ridge remover or buffer!!

My cuticles were pretty tidy when I arrived so when she pushed them back they were essentially sorted but she got her little cuticle cutters and “neatened them up” which seemed to be code for hacked to bits and really scraggly. Finally she applied the polish and made such a mess of it I was nearly tempted to just take the brush off her and do it myself
When I looked at the final result I could’ve cried. I’m not the most vain person in the world but I like having nice nails because I used to bite them so I look after them as best I can. To see them all scruffy and mangled was more than a little irritating I can tell you! But here’s the thing… I didn’t complain…
In fact I did the exact opposite; I thanked her for doing a great job and admired my nails along with her because she seemed to be extremely proud of her handy work. Then I came home, took the polish off, applied lots of cuticle oil and sat in a bad mood for a while thinking about what I would’ve liked to have said to her! I don’t like confrontation at the best of times but if someone else had been in my position I’d have been appalled if they didn’t complain! Yet because we’d chatted and I felt like she’d done her best I just couldn’t bring myself to criticise what she’d done :(

Have you ever complainted about a bad treatment or would you just grin and bear it?
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