My favourite June goodies

Happy Sunday! Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend :) I had a couple of seriously relaxing days; went out for dinner, went to see Transformers (bit pants and about an hour longer than it needs to be) then spent half my day at the park with the pooches

Adryen and I just finished watching Tango and Cash – has to be one of the most incredibly cheesy awesome action films from the 80s – and I should be heading to bed but I wanted to do a little post on a few new (and old!) goodies that I’ve been enjoying a great deal over the last month or so

I’ve been loving the nice warm weather we’ve been having but my skin and hair aren’t quite so keen so I’ve been using lots more volumising products on my hair cos the weather has left it looking fairly limp and my shiny t zone has forced me to dig out some mattifying products that I haven’t used in a while…
Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay foundation
N.Y.C Ultra Moist lipstick in Peach Ice
AVON nail experts vitamin C cuticle gel
L'Oreal Volumising Mousse
Benefit High Beam (the little mini one that was free with Glamour magazine)
Boots hard skin remover (unpleasant but essential for me at this time of year!)
Natural Collection CoverUp Cream
L'Oreal Blush Minerals
Primark Ball Games mascara

Thanks for stopping by - hope you have a great week! ♥
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