For Amman

Thank you for soy chocolate pudding ♥

Elephant-themed online window shopping:

Above, Stitched Colorful Elephants Set, $7.50 at polkadotshop from etsy

Above, Let's Grow Old And Wrinkly Together by SugarStreetCafe at etsy

Above, J'aime Ma Maman by sarahjanestudios at etsy

Above, Wooden Elephant Crayon Holder, $11.95 by jimpenner at etsy

Above, Sebastian, $55 by PinkCheeksStudios etsy. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It makes me think of Ron Weasley, but in an elephant suit.

Above, Holly Jolly Elf-alant earrings, $8 by AnthroPoMorphCo at etsy

Above, Brass Elephant Necklace, $18 by sweetVintage at etsy
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