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Above, printed thermal: Kohl's. Tank top: Haight Ashbury somewhere. Jeans: Levi's via Costco (oh baby). Shoes: plaid Keds. Scarf: grandmother's.

After seeing another blogger with different facial censors (I am so sorry I really can't remember who and couldn't find it in the first five minutes of click-happy blogrolling), I decided to try it out. (Or maybe I just blinked in this picture.) [EDIT: The Stylish Wanderer. Duh.]

Too lazy to use MS Paint to extend the censor bars all the way to the edge of the picture. It does look somewhat sharper though. I think I will continue.

I just realized the title of my post might sound really racist. Black bar. Like gay bar!

Reviewing anthropology is un-enthralling. I just want to go to the Academy of Sciences and go Christmas shopping.

What a terribly cool t-shirt:

Above, Sweet Teeth, $23 from CubistLiterature on etsy
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