First Friday at Cal

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Marc is rather funny

MARC: Studying on a Friday afternoon?!
ME: Yes…What did you expect me to be doing?
MARC: Well, I don’t know, but not studying. I mean, it’s Friday afternoon, and even I’m not studying, and my idea of a Saturday well spent is a Saturday in the East Asian Library!

MARC: (drinking from CamelBak that is out of its backpack)
ME: What the…
MARC: It’s a bladder!

MARC: (walks in with orange in orange bowl)
ME: I like how you’re eating an orange in an orange bowl.
MARC: I only have one bowl.
MARIAH: Did I tell you about how we saw someone who looked like you at Jamba Juice, Marc?
MARC: Oh, yeah, Minnie told me but she didn’t say it was at Jamba Juice.
ME: It was your doppelganger. He eats blueberries. Out of a blue bowl.

During Taboo

(For the word “snooze”)
BRYAN: I always hit _____!
ME: Girls!

(For the word “closet”)
MARIAH: Gay people come _____!

MINNIE: Uh, they came here...
BRYAN: Aliens!
AMANDA: Pilgrims!
(She was right.)

(For the word "parent")

BRYAN: I never want to be one of these.

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