weekend clothes

This is what I ended up changing into because my shoes were fugly:

Above, houndstooth on houndstooth, children. Houndstooth scarf: snotty store in the Haight. Houndstooth dress: aunt's, gift. Bag: J. Crew (sale)! Wool tights worn inside-out so they're not pill-y: Target. Oxfords: Payless.

This is what I was wearing before, because the colors were better:

Above, shoes: Old Navy.

But as you can see above, the shoes don't fit very well.

Well, I bought them when my feet were swollen. I normally wear a 7.5. These are a 9.

Also, having ugly feet and arch problems do not help.

Especially because these are sort of fug to start with. (But endearingly fugly.)

P. S. My camera battery is getting worn out, says my cousin. It's being temperamental, so we'll see.
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