rainy days and mondays...

...always get me down.

This is an open letter to those special people who contributed to my rainy Monday morning.

To the girl on BART who was almost hugging the pole by the door despite the train being so crowded it kind of looked like the Japanese fail train, you don't need an entire pole to yourself. You are not a stripper, or if you are, you don't need to practice on crowded public transportation. Strippers, in fact, don't even need entire poles to themselves. They can share. Sharing is caring. Taking an entire pole for yourself is not. Especially when there are two really short girls behind you who can't reach the overhead railing and continually tip over when the train pulls into the station.

To the girls seated to my left in linguistics, I too like linguistics and agree that sounding out words can help your understanding of the articulatory processes going on, but I'd rather listen to the professor than to you repeating the affricates in "Judge Judy" over and over.

To the boy and girl seated to my right in linguistics, I would really appreciate it if you didn't giggle to each other about physics and how boring linguistics is while taking up two of the few seats in the front rows. Also, I know this might be expecting too much, but I would LOVE if you, girl to my right, would stop jiggling your leg around. Has it occurred to you that you may have Restless Leg Syndrome? Somehow, I doubt it. I think you are just Very Annoying.

To people who get to class early and sit on the edge of a row/take the aisle seat, I hope every single person who has to climb over you accidentally sideswipes you in the face with their backpacks.

To Zappos, you stock defective boots.

To Hunter, your rain boots leaked within my first wear. I am having the rain boot experience from HELL.

[ADDENDUM: To young smokers, please die quietly before you make me die.]

[EDIT: On the bright side, Zappos really does have FANTASTIC customer service. New Hunters, I eagerly await your arrival.]
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