What's that around your neck?

I'd like you to meet my phallic symbol necklace collection. It is currently rather small, but I am hoping it will expand over time. Vague innuendo intended.

Above, left to right. Eiffel Tower necklace: Urban Outfitters, gift. Dull silver key necklace: garage sale (free) + DIY. Black-ish key necklace: garage sale (free) + DIY. Lightning bolt: 25-cent machine, gift. Banana: Harajuku Lovers from somewhere in Westfield that I forgot.

For some reason, girlprops has an abundance of phallic symbol necklaces. I would like to add these to my collection:

Above, 1.5" Dagger on Chain, $5.99 at girlprops

Above, "No Smoking" Cigarette Necklace in White with Silver Finish, $6.99 at girlprops

Above, 3.5" Swordfish Stamping on 16" Chain, in Gold with Matte Finish, $9.99 at girlprops. Okay, I know that a swordfish isn't technically a phallic symbol, but I mean, c'mon. It's a swordfish.

Above, 2 and 7/8" Snake on 16" Chain, Gold with Matte Finish, $9.99 at girlprops

Above, 1 x 2" Six Shooter on 18" Chain in Silver, $7.99 at girlprops

For some reason, I have had no luck in finding cheap tree necklaces. However, there are some semi-pricey ones on amazon:

Above, Mourie Sterling Silver Celtic Birth Charm Tree Pendant for August 17 - September 8, $23.95 from Silver Insanity at amazon.com

Above, Round Tree of Life Pendant in Sterling Silver, $40 from Taos Trading Pendants at amazon.com

Actually, gun and sword/dagger necklaces aren't that hard to find, just hard to find for cheap. As for tree necklaces, I found two at BP Nordstrom earlier this month, but I didn't buy them because they didn't look very... potent?

Aha-ha. I blame my freshmen English honors teacher who told us that the bedchamber that Odysseus and Penolope retire to in The Odyssey after Odysseus returns home is a symbol of fertility (er... potency?) because the bed is carved out of a tree (and the rest of the room is built around the bed/tree).

I'm suring I'm missing some phallic symbols, so feel free to mention any I forgot! (That are not actually phalluses. Phalli. Whatever. It loses the charm if it is too blatant.)
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