Here is what I wore to that Cal thing, which consisted largely of me talking to two fashion-loving girls I went to high school with:

Above, dress: aunt's. Bag: Goodwill. Scarf bow thing: grandmother's. Wool tights: Target. Oxford heels: delia's. Mini-fridge in foreground for dorm: Target.

So yeah, the mini-fridge I bought for the dorm is in my usual picture-taking area, and I being me am too weak (or too lazy) to move it. So I left it there. Let's pretend it's for aesthetic purposes.

Actually, it makes this picture look cut-off on the bottom. Which is kind of cool. Unless you know it's a mini-fridge.

Above, whooey, this one's risqué.

Random: Whenever I need one of these é characters, I Google "Pokemon" and copy and paste.
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