Things I Really Love

Because TiLT is one year old!
  • Sunshine. I miss her and leaping into other people's photos with her.
  • Museums, which reminds me that the Korean art section at the Met was closed off when I went. I've totally never seen a Korean art exhibit before. I must see one.
  • OMG! A comment from Winona of DaddyLikey! Well that's probably because I linked to her Don't Show-Cha Your Chocha in that post. COOL!
  • the poet Wendy Cope ("The Orange," "Bloody Men," and a whole bunch imitating other poets) because she is funny and painful and frank
  • high heels and how I feel when walking in them (for the first fifteen minutes before any discomfort starts to kick in)
  • Rice, because I cannot live without. I really can't. If I skip eating rice for more than two days I start to feel sick.
  • this thread on collegeconfidential about quirky college admissions essays (Excerpts: "I stole Chicago's essay prompt about who you would invite to a tea party. I invited Alice and the Mad Hatter; Sir Robin's Minstrels (from Monty Python) and Teddy Roosevelt; Giuseppe Verdi, Igor Stravinsky, and Winnie the Pooh; and Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking. At the end of my essay, Grendel came and ate everyone." /// "my personal statement was about the Weather Channel and a placemat." /// "I wrote about my childhood attempts to become a Disney princess." /// "I discussed how I got great enjoyment out of handling the intricacies of the small business that I was running at the time. I alluded to how it was something programmed into me... and I attached a photo that my parents took of me at age 3 reading the business section on the toilet.")
  • how cold San Francisco summers are because I cannot be me without layering
  • when you dream about shopping for steak at the supermarket with someone you haven't talked to in over a year, and then you email them about it, and then they email back telling you how they dreamed about you last night too and how you haven't talked for over a year, and when that someone is an old friend and an old flame
  • that I just finished Jason's section in The Sound and the Fury. Jason makes me so mad. That part with Luster and the tickets, ooh, I could just kick him in the nuts. I have the feeling he's supposed to piss me off, though, and then I wonder if I'm second-guessing myself by trying to find pity or empathy for him.
  • hot pink everything
  • this timeline of internet memes. It is fascinating how many of these I've encountered (and missed) and how they started. [via thrillist]
  • THIS 365-DAY BUBBLE WRAP CALENDAR!!! It is GENIUS! [via thrillist]
  • the way the schwa sound looks (ə)
  • This out of focus cupcake picture, because the cupcake was delicious:
  • that my hair has grown to such an awkward (read: boring) length that I am looking at head accessories in a whole new light
  • sewing and the internet
  • my mom, my brother and his size-XS fashion aesthetic, and the people I am so lucky to know and be supported by
[EDIT: Addendum - my grandmother, folding the laundry, picking up my (one and only) thong and asking what it was supposed to be and, after I answered her, what it was supposed to cover.]
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