This is what I get...

...for taking too many pictures in New York.

I swear there are only two more massive picture posts after this one. Because, DAMN, these are boring.

Above, MAMA Sbarro's? At Times Square. Notice the potentially naked pair of legs near the top.

Above, taken from Central Park.

Above, walking along the outside of Central Park. For some reason, it smelled like cinnamon and apples while I was walking on the inside. Does it always?

Above, massive puddles after New York rain in Chinatown. It was really quite disgusting.

Above, Central Park. How cute.

Above, from Central Park. The bust of this dude was just so strange and so gold.

Above, I love ads. The scaffolding actually sticks out. Times Square.

Above, Rockefeller Plaza.

Above, subway picture.

Above, my horrible boba drink from some tiny Asian cafe. Look at the amount of foam in there.

Above, interesting typo from that little Asian cafe's menu.

Above, apparently it's a translation of the Chinese name for the rice. It sounds like it has the potential to be a bad porno.

Above, hotel on the way to Central Park. Charming!

Above, the meaning of life in a subway station.

Above, cigar shop in Little Italy.

Above, other window of the cigar shop. DUDE, is that the POPE or something?

Above, where I was staying at my Distant Relative's house.

Above, Chinatown after heavy (disgustingly warm) rain.

Above, from the subway station. Literary allusions be damned.

Above, inside Toys R Us. Made of LEGOS. DUDE.

Above, Legos. And more:

Above, I can't believe they have an animatronic dinosaur inside the Toys R Us at Times Square.

Above, more Times Square.

Above, from Chinatown. Apparently this rope stuff he does is kind of a dying art.

Above, NBC Store at Rockefeller Plaza. DUDE! I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS A PEACOCK!

Above, Shark Boys bike people around. Many of them are very cute. This one wasn't particularly, but many of them are.

Above, there was filming going on in SoHo.

Above, on the way from SoHo to Chinatown. Other than a nice teal/red combination that makes me think of ocean coral as well as Lincoln's red bike wheel spoke, his photo also illustrates my newly acquired (REALLY BAD) habit of crossing streets as soon as the cars have passed, not when the pedestrian crossing signal is on. I need to unlearn this habit. Quickly.

Above, in Little Italy.

Above, at a street fair. I love how unabashed they are.

Above, at that street fair. Disgusting.

Above, charming bathroom lock at a Chinese clay pot restaurant.

Okay that's it for now. There'll be a post with all the Met stuff later, and then some Barbies. But not necessarily in that order. Argh. =_=
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