I Am The Walrus.

Cal is really effing hot.

I think walking across campus and up and down four flights of stairs several times a day qualifies as the most exercise I've had in the past four years. Combined.

I have homework.

I keep skipping meals because we have so much fruit smuggled from the dining halls that I feel guilty letting it sit there and rot.

This dude on my floor has 1) amazing sunglasses, 2) amazing dorky computer nerdiness (the best!), and 3) AMAZING sideburns. I want to be his friend. Please talk to me more! Impromptu Floor FroYo Night was successful yesterday, and we can try the bus next time.

I am listening to Amelie music because it is the only way I can shut out other noises without distracting myself from my textbook reading.

And now, something very exciting! Real outfit post! Hipster:

Above, lensless glasses: Goodwill. Bowtie: DIY. T-shirt: Napoleon in War Paint, Threadless. Floral shorts: mother's. Black tights: generic. White canvas shoes: Payless.

Above, huge lock of hair.

Above, isn't this water fountain lovely. I don't know why the RA has a closet, you know. What is in it?

Above, yeah, so my roommate took these pictures for me. YAY! Despite their blurriness.

Above, I bought these for $8 from some street vendor on the way back from class yesterday. I was going to get the red ones (more Lolita-from-the-movie-ish) but I already have red Wayfarer knockoffs, so I went for the pink.

Here is a slightly edited picture of me wearing them:

I cannot decide if I look more like a walrus or like Mr. Arber.

Above, here is my bow tie.
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