I feel like I'm packing...

...my life into a suitcase. I'm attending college so close to home I really don't have to worry about not having what I need because I can always come home to get it, but I (being me) am panicking. Today my mother, uncle, and I went on a massive shopping trip and bought the rest of the stuff I (supposedly) need for college. Here is what I wore, and as you can see, I usually take my pictures in front of the door leading to the garage:

Above, super snowbunnyish sweatervest: Old Navy, gift. 3/4 sleeve polo: Old Navy. Jeans: Levi's 518 from Costco. Shoes: Keds.

I washed my white canvas shoes. Because after fruit-picking, they looked like this:

Above, shoes: Payless. Actually, they're more of a gray now, because I couldn't clean them too well.

Urgh, I feel filthy.

And tired.
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