Fazed-Girl Is A Creeper!

So here are my blurry, surreptitious photos of strangers in New York City. Sorry, strangers!

Above, walking around near Central Park. I think her jacket is like denim chambray or something.

Above, at the Met. I do love me some prints!

Above, more prints, this one from some street fair type thing near Times Square.

Above, same place.

Above, on the way to the Met.

Above, double plaid! At Rockefeller Plaza or something.

Above, at the Met. These are all horrible pictures, I know, but man, is it hard to take creeper photos. I like the jeans on the guy on the left. And the right, too, but that cuff on the left is rather endearing. I think these guys started looking at me funny because I was walking behind them for a while. I was actually just looking at the same pieces. (I actually was.)

Above, Chinatown. The guy on the right had really cool shoes. Too bad in this picture it looks like he's wearing slippers.

Above, I have to be honest and say I like shorter shorts on guys. Fazed-Girl likes legs. But I mean shorter, as in shorter than at-the-knee, not short-short. Anyway, here's a guy in the kind of shorts you walk around the house in. But I like how long (or short) they are. To emphasize how creeper it was of me to take this photo, here is the un-edited version:

That's my skirt in the foreground.

Above, COLOR!

Above, COLOR! In this horrible picture.

Above, COLOR! Those two on the left looked really cool. Um. Maybe only because they were standing together. And she has purple pants. Oh, and the girl on the right. Her hair. I don't like it, but I didn't see blunt bangs on very many other people in New York.

Above, DUDE! Yellow! And stripes! And a fanny pack! Worn on the fanny! (I think it's a fanny pack.) And denim cutoffs! Oh! Wonderful.

Above, party in the back.

Above, since you probably can't read my tiny caption, it says something like "This is at Rockefeller Plaza, wherever that is, and I promise there are at least two cute guys in this picture. Or at least, they were cute when it was focused."

[Edit: I think this is Post #250. Woah. I post too much.]
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