One more thing!

Actually, I lie. I'm not Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures. I have two more things before I sleep.

1) I finished Quentin's section! Take that, Faulkner!
2) My pair of boyshorts from delia's are literally coming undone. The very edge of the elastic is starting to fray. Note to self: Do not buy boyshort panties from delia's.

As a reward for finishing Quentin's section, I would like to buy myself these shoes:

Above, Moschino MA1011AC10LC1 (WTH that's a shoe name?), $695 at Zappos

I know, I know. You can hate me now because they are spectators, are pointy-toed high heels, and have tassels. But I love them anyway.

But realistically and practically speaking, I should reward myself with more underwear:

Above, Edeva Plaid Panty, $3.80 at Forever21. I cannot resist plaid. Plaid reminds me of playing the French maid Lisette in On the Razzle at school. Speaking of French...

Above, French String Thong, $2.80 at Forever21. (I guess thong = less material = less expensive.) Because in my mind, thong = sexy = French.

Am I finishing this post instead of sleeping? Maybe.

It is 12:55 AM here. I am SO TIRED.
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