words words words (I love you, David Ives)

You should read...
...that's it.

So I'm going to leave you with an unordered list of 25 things I may or may not miss about my first year of college:
  1. waking up and hearing NPR in the bathroom
  2. when haircuts in the hallway became normal
  3. constantly checking my pockets for my keys (I'm still doing this)
  4. developing a loving relationship with BART
  5. selective listening, employed at all times, especially in the bathroom and when Mariah had people over
  6. how the fourth floor always went through Crossroads by what seemed like a backwards route compared to all the other people I have dined with
  7. the horrible hip-hop and pop blasting in the bathroom
  8. having second thoughts about animal products all the time now
  9. swapping horrible roommate stories (Horrible Roommate stories as well as horrible Roommate Stories, not that I had many of either)
  10. the taste of Berkeley tap water
  11. hot tea, taken like a drug
  12. incredibly fast internet
  13. discovering the heater during wintertime
  14. having someone to burst into random, internet-induced laughter with
  15. the little hole in the bedpost, into which fit perfectly our keys
  16. that time Amman got our trash cans stuck together
  17. learning people's schedules by when they ate dinner
  18. helping Bryan smuggle a loaf of bread and peanut butter out of Crossroads
  19. having a really OCD setup of my stuff on my laptop before going to sleep (wristwatch face-up on the left, cell phone face-down on the right, keys pointing toward door, glasses parallel to bed, hair tie between keys and glasses)
  20. oatmeal for breakfast every bloody day
  21. sending good vibes to people during exams
  22. rolling up the legs of my pajamas so they wouldn't drag on the bathroom floor
  23. the ten half-flights of stairs, which I always pretended were test percentages in increments of ten, so that I would have to get to 100%
  24. Kim's room as sanctuary
  25. the first shower, and the fourth stall
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