I have recently decided...

...that I am going to smile (or at least stop trying to look emotionless/fierce) in my photos from now on, because Sal smiles, and she is all sorts of awesome. I want to be all sorts of awesome too.

Above, cardigan: Esprit. Scarf: grandmother's. V-neck: men's Hanes. Jeans: Target. Shoes: Payless.

I feel much more Me-ish when I make faces in photos. This is a good thing.

Dear Fourth Floor,

After visiting Nuri on the eighth floor of his building to dye his hair after he got it cut (it is both gloriously and grotesquely golden-brown-black, but at least he has less hair than I do now), I have rekindled my gratitude for you and being tame and not being idiotic. I am glad to have met the portion of this floor that doesn't throw bowls of cold water on showering people, and doesn't pour salsa in the toilet and throw paper towels in because "who cares," and doesn't lead to me waking up in an emergency room with no memory of what happened last night. I am really, ridiculously lucky.
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