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Mystery solved! So the story behind this is... aunt and uncle obtained a Louis Vuitton wallet from a friend, but they didn't know if it was real or not. They figured they would give it to me anyway because I am the only child in this family interested in runway fashion. It came in this box, which still has some wrapping paper stuck to it:

Here's the dust bag:

So far, so good, right? This was pre-owned after all. Wear and tear were to be expected.

Again, it looked okay at first glance. None of the LV logos are cut off and the monograms continue upside-down on the back. Smelled like dead cows leather. Continuing the legit-ness was the embossed lining:

According to the internet, something this color should be a Louis Vuitton Vernis Monogram Wallet in baby blue, a design by Marc Jacobs that came out in 1998. Then I checked the Louis Vuitton website.


Here's a photo I took for size reference.

Louis Vuitton has no Vernis wallets that are 6" across (they're longer).


There is no Louis Vuitton wallet whose interior is laid out like this.


Fake Louis Vuittons have this kind of snap closure, whereas real ones just have LV on the brass hardware.

And this is not a serial number. It is not a date code. It is a catalog number.

For SHAME! I would be too embarrassed to walk around with a fake designer wallet to use this, even if it would be cheaper than buying a new one. Burlap sack, here I come!

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