all dressed up...

...and nowhere to go. Oh well. At least I'm wearing human clothes.

Above, sweater: mother's. Ruffled shirt: Esprit. White tee: Old Navy. Shorts: Old Navy + scissors. Tights: generic. Shoes: Fafi for Adidas.

Above, wedges: Nina.

These shorts were formerly Old Navy cargo pants that I bought a few sizes up (which was dumb, because Old Navy runs pretty big) when I was, like, a size zero. I didn't want to get rid of them because I like the butt:

And the strange fabric choices, like this random bit of velveteen on the belt loop:

And the lining:

Actually, I cut them short enough that the pockets could hang out (a la trendy denim cutoffs), but I chose to wear them tucked up today. But how exciting it will be when I let these floral babies hang.

Anyway, this was another step in my closet editing, because now I will wear these pants again! They used to look like this, and NO, you are not allowed to ask what the HELL I am wearing. These are old; forgive me:

Oh, sweet Jesus, that was horrific, and I'm only exaggerating a little. Seriously, what was going ON in my mind when I put those on? (Something along the lines of "Let's blind people today" or "Let's pretend I'm hiding a pregnancy.") In any case, I enjoy scissors.

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