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I am pretty much mortified at what my current wallet looks like.

Rest assured, it was a gift that I only resorted to using after my previous Sanrio wallet (forgive me; I was thirteen) started to smell weird after I tried to wash the dirt stains out of it. Not that I have anything against Hello Kitty. Just Hello Kitty in a devil costume. (And Sanrio makes the best contact cases. Hands down.) On my most recent visit to UCLA, one of my childhood friends showed me her newly obtained (badass) Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet. I believe it was this one, in red:

Above, Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Billfold, $158 at bloomingdale's

And I believe it is now time for me to move on from this uncomfortably hideous thing:

And move on to something more like the aforementioned MbyMJ wallet in "Electric Violet," or perhaps one of these:

Above, Kate Spade Jane Street Darla French Wallet, $90 at bloomingdale's

Above, Kate Spade Union Square Maria Wallet, $165 $123.75 at bloomingdale's

Above, Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Flap Clutch, $178 at bloomingdale's

Is it worth it to shell out a ton of money so I can keep what little money remains in a pretty wallet? I know yellow keeps her money and cards and receipts (?) in a cigarette case, but I would have to cut down on how much I carry around if I wanted to do that...

I've also been considering switching to a hinge wallet/card case, like this:

Above, Hinge Wallet, $20 $9.99 at UrbanOutfitters

(Forever21 usually has a good selection of cheap hinge wallets, but for some reason all the styles they have in stock right now are insults to design...) But hinge wallets tend to be rather large - too large for most of my non-tote bags. And while I usually am toting around a tote bag and not tiny clutches, I do like me a good small bag. Something is going to need to be sacrificed...

(Iphigenia, anyone?!)
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