wallet hunting part II

Thanks to Con-man for her hilarious post with wallet suggestions in response to my wallet dilemma. I am personally rather fond of the cassette wallet:

Above, cassette wallet in blue/pink, $39 at designboom

Therefore it is unfortunate that
  1. The wallet is sold out.
  2. It would have cost $39.
  3. It has no inner compartments.
I would also like to thank Jessie, Lydia, and Yellow for their wallet suggestions. (The last time I stepped into Marc by Marc Jacobs, there were MJ condoms for sale. Love, or love?) Yellow suggested this but in green:

Above, Rebecca Minkoff "Paper/Plastic" Leather Checkbook Wallet in Coral, $185 at Nordstrom

(I'm on a serious coral/orange/pink kick right now. In fact I bought my mom coral earrings for Mother's Day. I hope she doesn't read this before Sunday.) Anyway, I thought it was pretty in a utilitarian way, elegant but not brilliant, bright but boring. Until! Behold:

Oh! This is too clever. TOO CLEVER! I was so tickled I felt like I fell off a cliff. (A good cliff.)

Unfortunately I am a stingy miser and won't be dropping $185 on a new wallet. Which means I won't be dropping $175 on this Kate Spade, either, even though it is a delectable shade of... Tangerine:

Above, kate spade "jane st. - remy" slim envelope wallet in Tangerine/Hot Pink, $175 at Nordstrom

Wallet porn money shot, pun intended:

In addition to Urban Outfitters, Target also carries hinge wallets:

Above, Xhiliration Patent Hinge Clutch (I don't know if this counts as a wallet. It seems kind of huge), $9.99 at Target

Since the price is the same as UO on sale, I think I'd rather go with UO...

Wallet porn money shot:

So then I checked etsy and KA-POW I am in love:

Above, Upcycled Money Bag Wallet by 1oddbird, $10 on etsy

But. June 1st is very soon. Even if someone else buys this wallet (which is one of a kind...) I am still not going to break my ban when I know my current wallet will do perfectly fine for a few more months.

I think this shopping ban is working because I went to DSW with my mom today and pretty much none of the shoes appealed to me. While my list of things to buy come June is growing longer and longer, it is kind of painfully specific. And I think that is a good thing. It means fewer impulse buys and fewer days of having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

Here are two more pieces of unaffordable wallet porn. First the Miuccia:

Above, Prada fuchsia patent trim nylon medium wallet, $280 at bluefly

And what is seriously the king of all BAMF-y, this Maison Martin Margiela wallet:

Above, Maison Martin Margiela wallet in light gray, ~$154 at matches

I have one more wallet post in mind, because I am home this weekend and just remembered...

A few years ago, my aunt and uncle gifted me a patent powder blue wallet that was either vintage Louis Vuitton or a very good counterfeit. If it's real, I'm terrified to use it, but it would be the cheapest option. If it isn't, it's still the cheapest option, so it's probably what I'm going to be using, unless it turns out to be too unwieldy for my bags, in which case, I am ALL OVER that upcycled money bag wallet.

Thank you for reading. Stay fab.
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