It's a-coming. Just you wait, kids.

[EDIT: I'm sorry this is taking so long and is only going to take longer. I never knew Thanksgiving was such an ordeal in this kitchen, as it's my first time helping out with feeding 20+ mouths... but I will be back! In the meantime, here's a miniature Things I Love:
  • sharing grapes
  • changing out of wet, rained-on clothes
  • reassuring you'll-do-fine shoulder touches from extremely blond boys before performing a monologue
  • grocery shopping with Kim
  • free cutie oranges from Trader Joe's
  • deciding to wear two skirts just so I could carry both of them back to my apartment
  • my professor for changing the time on the chalkboard to say "11:59" to indicate there was one minute left during our test
  • Lee calling before class to make sure we had class
  • voice cracks and awkward laughs
Beautiful! /]

[EDIT: So I just noticed how the words in the header image are kind of left-aligned. Um. /]

[EDIT: DONE? Let me know if anything is misaligned, ugly, etc.]
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