awkward, take two

Second rehearsal, second dose of awkward, second extremely technical attempt to climb into Lee's lap without seeming too forward. I'm going to exceed my life quota for awkward pretty soon here, guys.

Above, red plaid coat: Maria D via delia's. Scarf: Chinatown, gift. Floral slip: secondhand. "Pillow Fight" t-shirt: Threadless. Ribbed gray wool tights: BP Nordstrom. Black patent flats: Steve Madden via Ross.

Just to make this public, I'm setting myself on a shopping ban until I can answer these questions:
  • What is classic me?
  • What am I drawn to?
  • What do I look good in?
  • What decades do I like?
  • What silhouettes do I like?
  • What impression do I want to give?
With any luck, resolving these for myself will make shopping a lot more focused.
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