Things I Love: October 09!

Dear October,

You've been so good to me, I was just wondering, and I hope I'm not being too forward, can I buy you a drink? If not, please take this humble list of Reasons I Love You:
  • GLEE and its supremely attractive cast, and by supremely attractive cast, I really mean HOT FOR TEACHER [via]
Um, wouldn't you?

Oh, yeah. You know you would.
Best apartmentmates ever? Obvz.
  • the anonymity of wandering around downtown San Francisco
  • Lincoln for being my BART map
  • "crantastic!"
  • running into Rose in the bathroom... which is an awkward place to have a girlcrush
  • getting a perfect score on my Ling 100 midterm, what?
  • the English infix in "Alafuckingbama"
  • that my professor totally remembered that I emailed him a question at the beginning of the semester because it probably skewed his perception of my oral exam performance in my favor
  • Listening to the worst playlist ever. I will let the album covers speak for themselves.
  • trying Afghan food, which I thought tasted like a cross between Indian and Mexican
  • seeing Rent live (cross that off my life to-do list!)
  • Connie and revelations
  • realizing I'm not doing that poorly in linguistics
  • my newest pothead acquaintance, Mihran, who laughed so hard at this MLIA, I'm starting to doubt he's really from East LA
  • seeing how everyone's clothing changes with the weather
  • the therapy of the physical labor that is sewing
  • letters from TK
  • people who remind me that flirting can be warm and slow and not aggressive
  • Kim accidentally preheating the oven with a pan of brownies already inside
  • having some computer programming background because it made doing my homework sort of heroically fast
  • seeing Ben (The Ben, not Ben-jammin') on the street and being so in awe I couldn't even run after him to say hi and instead stood there, mouth agape, for a good fifteen seconds after he passed out of view
  • making pumpkin pancakes with Kim (which was really just me pouring batter into the pan and Kim doing all the work)
  • my apartment's failed Orionids expedition at 3:45 AM
We are the epitome of style. Minnie is not in any of these pictures because I don't have one of the back of her head. Sorry, roomie! But thanks for taking the last photo!
  • doing some crying that has been needing to get done for a long, long time (like eleven years long)
  • my intro to acting class, and our scenes, especially the ones from Beirut and Below the Belt
  • waking up awake
  • getting a verbal "good work," because I haven't heard it for at least a year and I feel like such a child, being pleased about it
  • the internet for telling me that cold spoons would alleviate puffy eyes
  • my acting instructor for being a teacher and a mentor
  • this mysterious diagram in Kim's Chinese textbook
Above, a page of phrases about weather in Chinese.

Above, closeup of middle picture depicting a mystery weather phenomenon.
  • having an obnoxiously loud yelled conversation with Lee across traffic-heavy College Avenue
  • the honeysuckle (?) growing between Wheeler and Barrows, which, to me, smells like sex just waiting to happen
  • my grandma for teaching me how to iron men's dress shirts
  • waffles with peanut butter
  • Eli, because I love it when people are pleased to see me
  • being excited for linguistics classes next semester, partly in thanks to DLam
  • Kim, Minnie, Vivian, Lisa, Kathleen, Jessie, Lincoln, Connie, Shelby, Tony, Kyo, Jeffrey, Daniel, Liz, Joce, Alice, TK, Sunshine, and various other people who are making my life beautiful and very much worth my time
And now I bring you October's Lookers: The Awkward Edition! Because nothing says awkward like realizing Taylor Babyface Lautner's still too young for it to be legal. As the source of the last picture puts it, "Seriously, this kid needs a pedobear watermark or something."

Oh, but I would.

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