Wearing Jeans?

Yeah, I know. Shockinggg. But the truth is, I haven't fit in these jeans since I was a junior in high school, and they are the only jeans that I like. So, I wore them, and I liked it.  Besides, last time I went for a walk in my backyard with a skirt on, it resulted in some scraped knees and torn tights.
Oh, and did I mention my boots?  My brand new Jeffrey Campbell Victorian Inspired boots that I scored on Ebay for only 30 DOLLARS! Insane! I have rarely taken them off at all in the last week.  I am sitting in my pajamas wearing them right now.
Julian is cute.

Oh yeah, I picked up this Rodarte shirt at Target last weekend.  Yeah, last weekend.  Only in Louisiana would this entire line have not sold out in a week.  And not only was this shirt still there, in my size, but it was on SALE for 4 dollars! 

This is my dog, Blaze.  She is somewhat annoying, especially when I'm wearing a cream colored dress and she jumps on me with her muddy paws...Grr! But for the most part, I like her. She is a good dog. She walks me to my car and is always very excited to see me when I get home for the weekend.
Finally, after a long and treacherous search, we found traces of Spring :]
 Not only did we find Spring, we found a swing.

Anyway, I hope you liked the pictures.  I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland again today.  
BYE :]
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