you know you're a style/fashion blogger when...

In all facetiousness, especially because some of these don't apply to me, you know you're a style/fashion blogger when...
  • You worry about it getting dark because you might get jumped you need to get your outfit shots done before sundown, and using flash is the devil
  • Even though it's slimming and terribly chic, sometimes you hesitate to wear all-black because it's so difficult to photograph
  • You have an Outfit Poses repertoire
  • Your boyfriend or significant other is your photographer
  • On a scale of Necessary to Stripper, 5" heels are closer to Necessary
  • In your mind, VW and MJ are Vivienne and Marc before they are Volkswagen and Michael Jackson/Jordan
  • The name Rumi refers to a skinny half-Japanese girl before it refers to a Persian poet
  • You consider "fierce" one of the highest compliments anyone can give
  • You've scrolled through literally thousands of photos on during Fashion Week
  • ...while in class/at work/instead of doing homework
  • You know whose shoes Lady Gaga wore in her "Bad Romance" video, and thinking about it makes you a little sad
  • You've ever seriously considered wearing black lipstick on a day other than Halloween
  • You live in or want to live in New York
  • You have felt jealous of a thirteen-year-old with cotton-candy-colored hair
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