Easter Eggs and Bunny Rabbits!

I was in the mood of Alice in Wonderland craziness, and now talkin abt White Rabbit and Mad Hare, had me thinking of Easter Eggs!! Easter is around the corner! Time to pack some easter eggs and give out as gifts to your dearest frens and family!

I dig up the meaning on Easter eggs frm wikipedia, it says:

Easter eggs are specially eggs given to celebrate the Easter holiday or springtime. The egg was a symbol of rebirth of earth in celebrations of spring and was adopted by early Christians as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus.

The oldest tradition used dyed or painted chicken eggs, now modern custom is substitute by chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with confectionary such as jelly beans. These eggs were often hidden, allegedly by the Easter Bunny for children to find them on Easter morning. Another folklore about easter egg is a symbol of the start of new life, just as new life emerges from an egg when the chick hatches out.

I have found out that Delicious Ingredients at Dua Annexe and Bangsar Village II sell beautiful easter goodies! Check out the pictures below:

Assorted Foiled Eggs- RM8.00 each: Creamy milk chocolate from an artisanal, Australian chocolatier, cheerfully wraped in metalic foil wrappers. I think i could afford this.

this is super cute!!
Niederegger Praline Egg- RM28.00: Founded in 1806 the first product made was marzipan. Over the next 100 years Niederegger branched out into top quality pralines and chocolates. Deliciously creamy and rich this praline egg will stand out among the rest with its decorated tin.

Niederegger Dark Choc Marzipan Filled Egg 100gm - RM48.00 each: Niederegger have been making marzipan since 1806, founded by Johann Georg Niederegger, in Lubeck, Germany. The brand has become synonymous with the best marzipan available in the world. Distinctly traditional, made with almonds, sugar and a secret ingredient similar to rose water. Serve as an after dinner treat..

Love this alot but expensive!! Looks like gull eggs, yes indeed!!
Gull Eggs 150gm Simon Johnson 150gm Leon Mazet- RM88.00: Beautifully presented, these gull eggs look so real they simply need a little nest to rest in! Milk chocolate with a white sugar coating.
Contas Premium
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