My folder says I have 258 more images to go through after this post. If I do 10 per post, I'll be done in 25.8 posts. (See, I'm working on my math!) Well CRAP, you guys. I hope you're in for the long haul. (P. S. Long Haul is a Decepticon.)

Since I'm working through my images alphabetically, let's start off with this dress from ADAM. While the silhouette is really simple, the gold/taupe combination is just so so pretty:

Another look from ADAM because I like giant knitwear and the skirt looks like it's blooming on the model's legs:

Another ADAM because giant knitwear ahoy! This totally makes me think of 90s grunge, but prettier and lazier. It's probably the chiffon that does it. Anyway, the belted oversized sweater is killing me:

Another ADAM. Giant knitwear. Belt. Chiffon. Long skirts. Is there a pattern here?

From Alberta Ferretti, because it is a dress, and I am a girl, and it is taupe and shiny at the same time. Let's get married:

Something from Alexandre Herchcovitch that I'm not fond of, but the lapel and the detail on the bottom of the coat is interesting. Like a marbled peacock.

These OMG leg buckles from Altuzarra are greater than any Hot Topic bondage pants I wanted during my misguided youth:

Ahahaha. From Andrew Gn. This is adorable. Black velvet, bustier, gold appliques, PEPLUM, what's not to like?

Also from Andrew Gn. This is like the Mama version of the above dress. You know, if these dresses were a rich, well-heeled mother-daughter socialite pair:

And something from Anne Valerie Hash, whose show I'm glad I did not witness in person because I probably would have tried to run my hands all over the model to find out if the fabric feels as much as it looks like a jellyfish having a ménage à trois with surface tension and static electricity, and then I would've been banned from ever going to Fashion Week again and that would just be so not on:

All images from style.com.
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