giveaway: we have a winner!

Thank you CSN for hosting this giveaway, and congratulations to the future owner of these shoes, At Auds! You'll be getting an email from me very soon. Here's her comment:
"awesomeness: on a scale of 1 to 10 I'm probably a 12.

dinner party: I would wear something mad men inspired, with red lipstick to match. I would be packing for a trip to Ireland, simply because I would love to visit. But I also love Vittoria's Roman Holiday idea! Except no hair cut for me!"
Thanks to everyone for entering and if I haven't lost you after the part where you read that you didn't win, OMG, you guys are hilarious. Some excerpts from your comments:
"level of awesomeness: I'm so awesome that even though I haven't properly slept in three days, have lost all faith in my current architecture project, and my GSI, and am trying to memorize 60 images (including architect, date, and context) for a midterm in three hours I STILL READ YOUR BLOG. OH!" - jessie

"and because I am just THAT obsessive, random, and AWESOME (hint hint) I would be wearing Kiera Knightley's green backless dress from Atonement. and obviously in this scenario I am about a foot taller and have curly brown hair." - jessie
"How awesome am I? Like the rest of my sisters around the globe (that's a whole lot of women) I'm as awesome as we can get." - sweet limes
"Actually...I am wicked awesome! Cuz my friday/weekend nights I get to spend in lab working on DNA and plasmids!" - Maria B (Have to say, that is pretty awesome.)
"I am awesome because I had pity on that goofball in high school and married him...and I'm even more awesome because even though our looks have reversed roles, we're still married!" - nightowl
"I would be wearing one of Emma Watson's dresses from the Burberry spring/summer campaign in black. My necklace would be silver nautical themed with a large central swallow pendant. I would be teetering about in red Louboutin's because, well a girl can dream." - newskepticxo
"I am so awesome that I have caught a Mewtwo in Pokemon red without using a cheat code. If you know anything about Gameboy gaming, you will know that this is an extraordinary feat." - Suz
"To my bon voyage dinner I would wear a black satin ruched bodysuit, with long sleeves, puffy shoulders, and knicker-length pants. I would wear purple velvet platform wedges with it and of course, red lipstick. It would be, in a word, GAGAFABULOUS." - Suz
"if i were playing hostess, it would be my party so i could wear chiffon if i want to (chiffon if i want to). it would be a kicky, knee-length dress; ethereal and flow-y to the point that my slightest step towards a tray of cupcakes (any party of mine will feature a wonderland assortment of carby, adorable pastries) would look like the start of dance." - Whitney
"add a gold and pink barrette in my hair and i'm ready to celebrate my trip (literally) around the world on a yacht named "flighty temptress" (or what dumbledore would call adventure)." - Whitney
Okay. I officially love you guys.
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