it was all a blur

To my impossibly beautiful and massively encouraging 2.5 readers,

My spring break has started, and I am writing to you from home, where the deer and the antelope play my grandma feeds me twelve meals a day and we pay for high-speed internet but get the equivalent of dial-up. As such, posting will be awfully slow this week. For consolation, I offer you this outfit, the hopes that you will formspring me, and the shameless plea for warm-weather shoe suggestions, from someone who hates the way her feet look and needs arch support.

And a little link roundup:
  • A wishlist/needlist of investment pieces at Broke & Beautiful. I think I need to make my own needlist, as my wardrobe is coming of age at the same pace as I am.
  • A short collection of unconventional ideas from The Art of Non-Conformity. The one that is eating and feeding my soul: "Once you fully understand what you want, it's not usually that difficult to get it."
  • Gary Vaynerchuk on TED, on doing what you love. Golden: "I lost a shitload of money when I started doing what I loved. What you do is you position yourself to succeed."
  • "Yesterday" by Nizlopi, by recommendation of total cutie Andy Mientus, of the Spring Awakening cast, and who has impeccable musical taste
  • clothed much, a personal style blog written by a really cute Mormon girl (Click click click! Your or at least my stereotypes are totally unfounded!)
  • And THIS. Project! Pretty Lingerie Drawer. So pretty much my whole life is dedicated to achieving an aesthetically pleasing, functional underwear collection... not that you guys didn't know that.
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Sam

Black jacket: gift. Blue fake pashmina: gift. Ring: Forever21. Floral shorts: mother's. Tights: generic. Plaid shoes: Keds.
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