Things I Love: February 2010

I TOTALLY HAD A NIGGLING FEELING THAT SOMETHING WAS WRONG! I missed a Things I Love post for February, so here it is with my profuse apologies to the Universe for forgetting to make my gratitude public. Things that made me want to sing! in February:
  • my trench coat (!) because my mother and grandmother lovingly shortened it by hand for me, and because February was full of rain
  • that my Cognitive Science class has been moved to the Hearst Mining Building Circle Thing, because it does look like Platform 9 3/4, just as Kim said, and it's a lot closer to the class I have right before it
  • phone calls from Lincoln
  • my new (old?) estate sale rings (I love you, San Francisco & Craigslist)!
    • Radical Self-Love (Gala Darling is )
    • Matt letting me talk about my life problems at him
    • Tom (for the smiley face next to my "Desyllabification (-mentarianism)") & Elisabeth (for "Okay, let me give you two sentences to analyze... 'Just give me the answer,' and 'Let's move on,'" which resulted in us staring blankly at her for at least two minutes until she asked what was wrong, and we asked what the sentences were, and she said "'Just give me the answer' and 'Let's move on,'" and we said "But what's the question?") & Angela (for bringing our 8 AM lab donut holes) & Henri (for the LOL next to my drawing of a cat on my math quiz, and talking about mathematical proofs in terms of what you have and what you need to do to reach your dreams and desires, and the whole French accent thing)
    • my mother, and going home for a late-night curry chicken/tomato soup/Ovaltine run
    • my mother for cleaning the mildew out of my room
    • Oranges! Nature is amazing and pre-packages snacks for us.
    • being woken up by my grandmother and mother standing over my bed yelling "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" in Cantonese
    • the video of a little boy seeing lobsters for the first time
    • Will for this: "There were 9 A+'s last semester. This is an unusually large number. But you ranked second in the class, and this is counting the grad students."
    • my roommate, on the Olympics: "Wow, there are a lot of Canadians in the audience"
    • Johnny Weir
    Above, Johnny Weir & Lady Gaga. I don't understand how this picture even exists. The fierceness scale has just exploded.

    • men's figure skating in general (men with tight Spandex-clad butts!)
    • this gawker comment re: Johnny Weir not medaling:
    "Whatever, that gold medal would have just dulled his natural sparkle."
    • Spencer + Matt + Denny + Cafe Strada
    • going out feeling totally full of grubby glow
    • hugsies with Lee!
    • walking around campus at night and feeling like I'm in Disneyland
    • running into David before class (or perhaps I should say him running up to me, which amused me to no end)
    • the woman who commented on my saddle shoes before math lecture started, which resulted in a conversation about retro clothing and starched shirts and included my use of the phrase "distinctly uncool"
    • Daniel for "Wait! Let me walk you back - I want to finish telling you about how nobody's figured out a syntactical explanation for where English gets its past tense from in did-sentences!"
    • answering emails from a lot of people I love
    • having no ingredients for pot pie filling other than cabbages and potatoes, which resulted in Irish Famine Pot Pie
    • this awful, perfect punk rock cover of Usher's "Love In This Club" and these two covers of Miley Cyrus's "Party in the USA"
    And these are February's Lookers, beginning with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, times three, and don't even pretend you don't want to be Claudia Schiffer:

    [via damndamnfine, Fashion Gone Rogue]

    An uncomfortably, gloriously close closeup of James Franco's beautiful face:


    And the babyfaced piece of borderline jailbait gorgeous named Francisco Lachowski:

    (Watch/listen at 3:45, because oh my God his voice does not match his babyface.)

    I DIE.


    Oh hey is this picture made for me or what?

    [via The Fashion Spot]

    UNF. February, you have slain me.
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