this is boring (this is a self-fulfilling prophecy)

So I wore this over two weeks ago...

I guess I should mention that I've been trying out the idea of a (sort of) capsule wardrobe.

My closet at school is too packed, and for little reason, so I edited my closet down to my (colder weather) basics: scarves, cotton shirts, pullover sweaters, cardigans, skinny jeans, and tiny skirts. That might sound like a lot, but it's made getting dressed so much easier. I guess lack of options makes choosing simple. I also tried to restrict myself to a color palette (basics: black, gray, white/off-white; accents: darker shades of pink, purple, green/blue), which has worked out well, too.

But now it's really spring and I need to rework my wardrobe again for the warmer weather. Always a work in progress.

UC Berkeley v-neck sweater: hand-me-down. Blue fake pashmina: gift. Skinny jeans: Forever21. Socks: macy's. Sneakers: Harajuku Lovers.
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