Rather than study...

Julian and I had an adventure in my backyard on Sunday.  Well, we studied, then we took a break, then studied more.  Because we are such ideal students.  Really. We study hard. I just had two finals and I rocked at both of them.
 This is when Julian got to my house.  He flew in on that broom.
Best boots ever for reallllll
Julian climbing trees.  Blaze being confused.
Abnormally tall fence.  I wish my boots would have been fastened. 

 Adorable boyfriend, with a puny staff.
My room is a symbolic pig pen.  Behind me is a real one. 

Julian is a part time ninja.
 My little brother took this picture of the flower.  He's such a little artistic fellow.

Julian is waving the white flag, which you can't really see.  He looks like Ryan Gosling.

We found an ant pile in a hole in the fence.
Whyyyy didn't I fasten my boots!? 

My boots and my boyfriend are so so soooo cute!
Pretending to play bass on his broom.
And this is the last picture we took before my horse realized we were in her territory.  Then she chased us. 

I hope everyone does well on finals :]

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