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...TK once said, "I like your sweater. It is easier on the eyes than what you usually wear." I... suppose he was right? It's my grandma's... Ellipses...

I once wore it (with a big construction paper R pinned to the front) to play Ron Weasley in a video project for AP Psych. Kyo, with a little help from temporary hair dye from a spray can, played Draco Malfoy who, for reasons I can't remember, spent the entire video dancing furiously and was the only one with a British accent. Also, one of my two flamboyantly gay male friends played a clinically depressed Voldemort, who Avada Kedvadra'd Kyle of the Medieval Peasant haircut, and he fell down the stairs in a looped replay to the dulcet tune of Haddaway's "What Is Love?"

I also played Snape because I had the hair for it. I'm pretty sure Flamboyant Gay Friend also played Hermione. It was a strange project.

Anyway, I put this on after successfully beating the clock to finish math homework to make it to The Cellar before noon. Did not break my feet thanks to liberal amounts of petroleum jelly slathered on my footsies. ...That makes me think of Curley from Of Mice and Men. That dude who keeps his hand in a glove of Vaseline for his wife.

Five dollah.

Sweater: grandmother's. White t-shirt: Hanes v-neck that I probably woke up wearing. Belt: GAP, brother's, boys'. Pants: one of my uncles'. Shoes: Miz Mooz.

[EDIT: Okay I know this edit is going in before this post has even been published (not that you know that), but OMG YOU GUYS. Here's the outline of our video plot:

Good times. /]
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