hair update: january 2010!

So I took a pair of scissors to my hair again. (People never change.) This is not remarkable at all (although I am impressed that I haven't just given up and invested in a giant hat collection instead of going through all these hideous post-pixie growing out stages), so I'll show you the pictures in order of remarkability, starting with the least remarkable:

growing out the pixie: haircut!Above, yes, I refuse to edit photos of my face aside from cropping and Picasa's "I'm Feeling Lucky!" button. I also refuse to put on face/skin makeup unless I'm going onstage. I live with it. You should too. You should also live with my crooked hair.

growing out the pixie: haircut!Above, kinda sorta not a socially permissible haircut, but at least there's absolutely no threat of a mullet going on. For the record, my hair is slightly wet in these pictures, not greasy. (Shocking, I know.)

growing out the pixie: haircut!Above, now that looks like it could be a haircut someone paid for at some point. I win.

[EDIT: In response to Brittany, I still don't like my hair. So much so that I'm trying to curl it right now. Witness my CREEPER MULLET!! I am never cutting my hair this short again. Unless I am over 35.]

i hate my hair
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