Important note to self:

(Because the current plan is to check out math prerequisites and introductory computer science this semester, and to continue doing computer science if I seem capable, and to drop this ridiculous idea of a double-soft-major.)

When in doubt! Such as when you get stuck on a textbook exercise for more than a day while you try to self-study an entire semester of introductory computer science before spring semester starts! Or if you are not me, such as when you are looking at someone else’s life and wishing you had it, remember!
  1. (If you are me,) You’re not financially secure enough to jump cold into something impractical. You still need a day job. Even if you are incredibly brilliant at [insert area of brilliance], remember that Einstein worked at the patent office doing a job he was overqualified for in order to have a steady paycheck to support his wife and kids. You are not Einstein. You probably need a day job. Preferably one that allows you to moonlight doing whatever. So far, so good. You’re facing the right direction. Don’t turn around.

  2. Gapingvoid’s Sex & Cash Theory. (If you are me,) as much as you’d like to have nothing but a sexy creative job to feed your soul, you need a cash job to feed the kids (or, less poetically, to pay rent).

  3. You know, Self, that you are unwilling to give up security because in your mind, family and security go hand in hand, and you have to have family.

  4. Paths are not mutually exclusive. STFU, Robert Frost. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I decided to take one, but then I dug a tunnel leading to the other path so I can path-hop when I want to. I am not locking myself into one kind of life by doing this.

  5. Self, you don’t like it when people tell you what to do. You don’t like doing things out of obligation. You like to do things when you feel like you made the decision yourself. So working full-time as a creative would be stupid (for you) because bills and hunger would force you to be creative on demand. And then you would hate it.

  6. And above all, there is no magical fountain. Whatever you’re trying to do, there isn’t a magical formula, there isn’t some big secret that’s going to suddenly make you capable. You already are capable.
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