This is that black H&M dress I bought with no occasion in mind, and my dead serious model stare which has been ruined by red-eye correction that makes one of my eyes look extra-shiny but maybe this means I'm a robot, you guys!

black lace H&M dressNot that I'm accustomed to partying it up on New Year's Eve, but it was even less likely than usual this year that I would spend the last minutes of 2009 out and about toasting with strangers, what with the 8-hour car ride back from LA and the 3 hours of laundry and the splitting headache. So this not-really-an-outfit is purely for my own vanity because I totally did not wear this out, guys, as you can probably tell by my ashy knees.

black lace H&M dressblack lace H&M dressblack lace H&M dressblack lace H&M dressBlack lace sleeve dress: H&M. Platform pumps: Payless.
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