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I am an old person cheap and watch matinees. Is there a problem, officer?

In a pathetic tribute to Avatar, which I had the misfortune of watching after viewing glowpinkstah's makeup tutorial (with the result of Jake's first appearance in his avatar eliciting "Oh my God, Pandoran acne!" from me), I made a half-hearted attempt to channel my inner Na'vi (helllll yeah constructed language!) by putting on too much blue and braiding my greasy bangs. I am hesitant to post this because my outfit is so poorly composed it in no way does justice to the noble Na'vi people of Pandora. I hope the "what the hell am I wearing" label for this post will act as a sufficient disclaimer.

Blue skirt: made by my grandmother. Dark blue turtleneck: Charter Club, mother's. Dark blue tights: BP Nordstrom. Blue sneakers: Harajuku Lovers via Nordstrom Rack.

FIRST DAY OF CLASSES TODAY. Aaaand it's pouring outside.
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