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I just got a FaceBook. It is really addictive. But totally useless. So to tide you over until I have actual prom pictures (which probably isn't going to happen for a while because I'm always slow and I have big assignments due this week), here's my hair, a bunch of shoes, and a wishlist.

Above, my head. I mean, my hair after being in curlers (the prickly plastic kind that require bobby pins) for 4 hours and then slept on.

Above, my ridiculously painful peep-toe heels from Junior Prom (last year). They cost too much. Brian Anderson, from Isabel Shoes in the Haight.

Above, shoes. Diesel. Expensive but worth it. I think they look extremely urban? Industrial? Ugly in a utilitarian way. If that makes any sense.

Above, kitten heels from Payless. Cheap. Excellent. I usually don't do pointy toes. In fact, this is the only pair of pointy-toed shoes I own, and I don't wear them very often because a) they make my feet look bigger than they are, and b) because they're heeled, which means I can't wear them in drama class (because sometimes we have to run or do physical warmups).

Above, my (other) Fafi for Adidas shoes. Like with my other pair, I got these for $20 or $25 from this guy who was selling Adidas out of his garage because he worked for Adidas and had all the sample pairs. (It was really interesting. Each shoe was individually packaged so you had to dig through boxes to find the mate to a shoe in your size. And he had caps and bags and track jackets and everything. Thank goodness for broke-student-run theater company garage sale trips or I never would have run across the Adidas Man! They're a half-size too small, but nothing chafes, so it's fine. Y'know, sample sizes run really small...)

Above, my $25 Keds. Beat up and well-loved.

Above, Palladium flats. Also extremely beat up. They were semi-expensive (as in middle-range price, I think... I don't really remember) but the cost-per-wear is probably down to fractions of pennies now.

Above, my cheapass shoes from Payless. I think they were $19.99 (which isn't really cheapass, but read on). I bought these for Senior Boat (a dance for my high school's seniors, on a boat, yes) along with a blindingly blue dress from Goodwill ($7.99, alliteration unintended) so my total outfit cost was $28. Compared to people who spent more than that on their shoes or dress alone. Win.

Above, delia's flats. Red patent leather with a little black patent leather heart. They're size 7. Which is a half-size too small for me. So I can't wear these. Which sucks. They were like $24. Oh well.

Above, my Steve Madden flats that I found at Ross for $20. They're patent leather. And they look really wonky in this picture. I think the sides really are that wide, but they don't look that weird when there are feet in them. I only bought these so I could have flat shoes to change into for drama class if I ever felt like wearing not flat shoes to school.

Above, xhiliration heels from Target, $20. My first pair of heels. Awwww. My virginal arches! And they were three and a half freaking inches. Somebody is smart. But it's okay. They are broken-in really well now. And thanks to these babies, I can walk, strut, run, skip, jump, and whatever else in heels. I am awesome. Although now they look too cutesy to me.

Okay and here's a wishlist:
  • dark gray tights
  • a black and white striped blazer
  • nude fishnets
  • a whole bunch of black skirts (flouncy and bandage)
  • a flowery headband
  • an appropriate moleskine
  • supershiny sheer tights
  • a wrestling championship belt sort of belt
  • black and white spectator shoes
  • silver penny loafers
  • time for sewing!
  • time to finish reading On Chesil Beach
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