Things I Love Tuesday

a la Gala's Things I Love Thursday
  • this ridiculous, warm, sunny weather we're having
  • AP testing: peeling stickers out of the student packs and sticking them on the answer sheets, and the knowledge that after this, the serious stuff is over
  • drinking water
  • choosing color schemes for prom dresses/tuxes, especially for my friends who'd rather coordinate than match each other
  • Bo Burnham for being terribly, terribly offensive in a hilarious, equal opportunity way
  • how senior year has deteriorated my friends' and my English skills to the point that we say things like "I bet his entire friends were like..."
  • that three of my APs are done
  • Mexican Wedding Cookies/Russian Tea Cakes
  • sssssttttttrrrrreeeeetttttccchhiiiinnnngggg
  • the fact that I actively read my APES book, which means that reviewing was very easy because everything came back very quickly
  • fortune cookies
  • pens with lots of ink
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