This is not related to fashion or my life at all.

As an English geek I love SPAM. Especially male enhancement SPAM because it amazes me how many euphemisms people can come up with. And yes I did just end a sentence with a preposition. And no, the linked pictures are in no way affiliated with male enhancement products.

SPAM Subject Lines:

Welcome to wiener wonderland. [Please don't think about the implications of Kobayashi eating hot dogs.]

Change the tiny member in your pants to a huge monster python

Stop feel shy of your instrumment size

Get her the Gigantic present she's been wanting.

Ever wanted a larger organ

She will want more action from you once she sees your Giant friend.

SPAM E-mail Content:
  • A tiny wiener is a huge source of embarrassment – change yours today. [see Kobayashi]
  • Satisfy her deeper and longer with your larger and thicker one eyed cat [your WHAT?!]
  • Spoil her with 10 full inches [not 10 half-inches]
  • Dont be shame because of of your ma|e aggregate size [Dont be shame because of of your creative spelling or oblique references to macroeconomics]
  • Shoot all your shots deeper into her with your larger shotgun [this one just sounded so violent]
  • Your girl lived you alone along of she had done it with your friend. / His instrumment is bigger than yours. / Dont worry chap. / Many men all over the world have enlarge. [With all this caesura-like notation, you'd expect a rhyming poem, but no. Dont worry chap. It's not.]
  • You'll be a hero of bad. [HAHAHAHA]
  • I love how she comes every time we make love now, thanks to my huge weapon. [it's a machete]
  • In Rod We Thrust [I actually snorted when I saw this.]
That is all. I shall sleep now.
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