actually, I really dig the oxfords

The new "eco-friendly" lines at at Payless and Keds both fit my idea of eco-friendly shoes: unreasonably ugly and pretty much as unhip as it gets. It seems like even fashionably inclined eco-shoe brands like MELISSA, which features a few products in collaboration with Vivenne Westwood and Alexander Herchcovitch...

Above, VW Lady Dragon LOVE HEART, $126 (US)

Above, Alexandre Herchcovitch's JOY, $86 (US)

...have not gotten the memo that shoes made out of plastic, aesthetically appealing and reasonably priced though they may be, are probably not a socially acceptable option for sweaty-footed people like me. (Do you see ventilation holes anywhere? I thought not.)

(By the way, the US official website sucks. Try the Austalian one.)

Furthermore, even if all the products are made of the same material and can, therefore, be easily recycled, who the hell recycles their shoes? Where? I think it's a nice concept, but wouldn't it make more sense to not use plastic in the first place? How about plant-based materials, guys? How about shoes that don't wear out so quickly? How about we wear the crap out of our shoes before throwing them away? How about the best option - wait for it - shopping vintage?
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