No Poo (Week 1)

Saturday, April 4 - Friday, April 10

Day 1 (Cleaning Day): Wow, I have a lot of dandruff. Guess I don’t massage my scalp very well very often. The baking soda removed grease surprisingly well and didn’t leave that squeaky hair feeling like shampoo does. I don't know if that's a good thing. Lemon juice doesn’t seem to be doing much, but we’ll see. Hair dried faster than usual, though. But I don’t smell like lemons, probably because the solution was so diluted.

Day 2: Hair has a really strange texture. Almost like it’s brittle, but it definitely isn’t. Just… a good kind of dry. Clean dry.

Day 3: Feels like it’s going to grease up at the roots by tomorrow, as my hair has been prone to doing lately (probably because I’ve been blow-drying instead of air-drying). You know what I mean? When my hair doesn’t move like a curtain but little sections are sticking together. It’s not greasy yet, just on its way. Perhaps because I was REALLY SWEATY today. (See below.)

Day 4: Wow, wow, wow. The actual strands of my hair have not felt this soft since pre-puberty. I am not exaggerating. Brushed with a brush spritzed with some cheap honeysuckle eau de toilette because while I couldn’t smell any sweat on my hair, the smell of plain hair is blah. Roots starting to look a little greasy. Just a little. At my part. PM update: Oh, my hair is GREASY. Well, it’s the sort of greasy that Every-Other-Day-Washing Me would have experienced. Not like overwhelmingly greasy, but it is overwhelmingly greasy for what is only Day 4. Getting stringy clumps in the front. The part’s not looking too bad, though. Other than that, my hair is ridiculously soft, and I brushed it a million times to try to work the grease from the front to the ends. No luck. But my hair is very scarily shiny. PM update 2: Oh my GOD my hair is SO GREASY. I can make it look relatively ungreasy by brushing, but it starts to clump soon after. And… if I run my fingers through my hair, they come off a little slick. (See below.)

Day 5: Hair being strange. Part is redic greasy and ends are verging on frizzy, for the first time in my life. Perhaps because it has been in a bun the whole day.

Day 6 (Cleaning Day): Hair not feeling so soft for some reason, or maybe it’s sensory adaptation. In any case I decided that the fact that I had no flyaways because my hair was so greasy at the part that everything stuck together was enough justification to break my once-a-week hair wash. So I got some baking soda and lemon juice, eyeballed a tablespoon in separate containers, and mixed with a cup of water (ish). And then scrubbed, and once again, my hair has dried incredibly fast, the strands are softer than I am used to, my head feels really clean… and my scalp is really massaged. By virtue of the baking soda needing to be really worked in, not just slapped on top and lathered. Although. One really good part about my pre-wash hair was that it held texture really well. But the greasy part was not worth waiting ‘til Saturday. (See greasy, dandruff-encrusted scalp below.)

Day 7: My hair’s feeling a little dry, but it’s still soft. That’s possible, right? It’s only in comparison to how soft it’s been feeling lately. This is definitely softer than pre-no-poo. (That looks ridiculous. I should stop making up words) PM update: DRY DRY DRY my hair feels so DRY and not SMOOTH. Maybe less baking soda next time. I’m under the impression that I can’t continue baking soda indefinitely because it’s kind of harsh. Hm… Dilemma… PM update 2: Now the rest of my hair is starting to soften up again, but the roots still look baked dry. They feel fine. Just kind of brittle-looking. Which is not a good look.

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