kernels of wisdom

I've learned some important lessons in My Life So Far. Around this time last year, I was writing things like

"LA seems big, bad, and scary. you know what? to be perfectly honest, i felt more comfortable at berkeley than at LA. LA got me more excited. Is college a marriage or a one-night stand?"

Perhaps Connie will remember the prom date/college choice analogies we made, and how it didn't play out the way anyone anticipated. (Dear Boys, I am sorry I likened you to colleges and one-night stands.) But the more time passes, the less I think I should have gone to UCLA. Here is a visual:

With the help of Sunshine and floob, I also decided that

"No pants is a dangerous dress code."

as evidenced by this Venn diagram.

This time last year, I was also quoting smart girls like Jessie.

"I realized that no matter how independently I live my life, I can't be who I am without them. It's a very long rope. But we choose to hold on to it."

And I choose to hold on to it.
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