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Hello girls... Currently IDI-Italy 1858 is running its Super Fan Campaign alongside with the Online Facebook Recruitment Campaign. Lucky 50 who joined the IDI Facebook Fan Club will be given a mystery gift.

Just click on this link to become member today!

Terms and Conditions for the Super Fan Campaign are as below:-

1. All IDI FB Club member are entitled a chance to participate in this Super Fan Campaign.

2. Participants should contact us through FB to make appointment for an interview.

3. Estimated 3 participants for each skin type (Acne, Dry and Sensitive skin ONLY) and FB member who have been confirmed will be given the products suitable for their skin type.

4. They will start blogging and posting up pictures of their skin conditions for 3 months. (Amount of post depending on participants but number of posts and substance of posts will be given points accordingly)

5. They will also send us their pictures periodically so that we can post it up on FB to notify the rest of the members about their progress.

6. Once reaching the contest end date, the final pictures of their skin conditions will be posted up in FB comparing with the skin condition before the usage of IDI-Italy 1858™ products.

7. Winner will be determined by the points given to their posts and amount of “Likes” given to their final picture on their skin’s improvement.

8. Each skin type will have one winner therefore there should be a total of 3 winners entitled to 1 year supply of products.

9. There will be a video interview before (for all participants) and after (only the winners) the contest.

10. These video will be uploaded to youtube and then posted unto FB and IDI website hence sign off on the declaration form to allow us to post their videos and pictures is required.

11. Contest period will be from Jan 2010 – March 2010.

12. If there were to be any unforeseen incidents, the judges will have the final say to the final result.

Alot more prizes and contest line up coming up for IDI FB member in 2010.

Sources : Email from IDI-Italy 1858
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