let's talk pre-fall 2010 (un)

Alexander Wang was made of yesssss, but everyone knows that already, so I'll just post these two pictures and say that seeing a model of Asian descent is really, really gratifying, and I secretly want to be one of those people who wear all-black all the time instead of a childish explosion of colors.

Another all-black outfit, this time from Doo.Ri with amazing draping, as she's known for:

Next up, two reds, the first of which is Michael Kors (shock!) because this is saucy like tomatoes:

And DKNY, which is just too precious and nautical and all-American to resist:

IDK, Jason Wu, this definitely looks like mithril to me, but frankly I quite like this dress, and if it offers protection against Orc spears/arrows, I'll just consider that a fringe benefit:

From Doo.Ri again because everyone wants an aesthetically pleasing bird poop/nebula/bacterium/nuclear explosion printed on a tunic:

Another from Doo.Ri, because I am a girl and this is pretty:

Short paillette dress + cocoon/possibly A-line coat = unexpected styling genius from DVF. Something is slightly off about this look, but I find it kind of refreshing and unkempt and lovely:

Aaaand the so-wrong-it's-right Michael Kors (inoerite?) pink Possibly Angora But In Any Case Very Visibly Fuzzy short-sleeve sweater:

All images shamelessly lifted off style.com.
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