Things I Love: December 09

This last Things I Love for 2009 is a miniature, ruthlessly edited recap of why I loved December:
  • Air high fives with Lee, and our scene
  • My Indian roommate learning to write Chinese
  • Lisa and early early early phone calls about homework
  • Amman for doing my linguistics project with me
Gujarati prosodyAbove, Amman saying “Your face is very beautiful,” from the prosody section of my report.
  • Seeing a hummingbird on my way out of class
  • Will, my GSI, who is a fount of practical advice and curious vocabulary words
  • Joce, Liz, and Erica for letting Kim and me shower at their place (and Jessie and Ching, whom we ran into)
  • Michelle, Maddy, Jeff, Danica, Ben, Danielle, Stuart
  • Lincoln and Tony for dealing with my crisis-ing at its worst and at ungodly hours
  • Really nice sales associates, especially during Christmas season
  • Past Me for having enough foresight to record my qualms (using FutureMe) about the educational path I told myself I wanted, and to send them to my future self at exactly the right time, and massive revelations about my choice of major
  • Onigiri-making with Connie
onigiri failAbove, photo of misshapen onigiri lifted off Connie's blog. I must admit I am responsible for the one that looks like a landing strip.
  • My uncle’s reaction (the manly version of squealing) when he opened his (extremely cold) Christmas present, which was 5 pounds of frozen Top Dog hot dogs in lemon chicken (his favorite)
  • That I have stopped asking myself if some people are Sure Things
  • My family
And we’ll finish off this year with a few fi-i-ine male specimens:

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