So my family is kind of large.

Not as big as some other families, but kind of big nonetheless. These are atrociously late food photos from Thanksgiving. I think most of this is lunch with a couple dinner pictures. I am not a photographer, guys.

Partial menu:
pasta salad with festive pasta shapes
ham (have I ever mentioned that I really don't like ham?)
kale + cranberry + yam + corn salad
steamed chicken
beef curry
spicy seafood curry
roast turkey
steak in some kind of red wine sauce
lamb chops with garlic
green salad with Mandarin oranges
fried fish patty things
steamed fish
pumpkin pie
sweet potato pie
apple pie and vanilla ice cream
baked mussels with garlic
deep-fried oysters
sweet and sour fish with peas, carrots, and onions
corn bread stuffing
apples and onions stuffing
cream puffs with ice cream
mashed potatoes and gravy
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